Pitino: “We played brilliant offense”

The head coach of Panathinaikos OPAP, Rick Pitino, stated after the end of the game against Herbalife Gran Canaria: "The team responded very well, but our goal was to come in here and get 85 points. We felt that, with our defense, if we could get 85, we would be tough to beat. It is not easy to do on the road because this team played Milan to overtime because they got in a shootout with them. But we played brilliant offense, Flash [Antetokounmpo] had an awesome night and if he wasn't in foul trouble, he would have had a career night. In the last three weeks, we have been playing great basketball, but the fascinating thing and the encouraging thing for us is all the injuries that we had. We were without DeShaun Thomas, Matt Lojeski, then we were our without Dinos [Mitoglou], so we played guys in different positions that they never played before. But these guys are so smart that they adjust."