Panathinaikos BC has proven and continues to prove that the Club is standing by the society and is giving back in any way possible all the love that its followers are showing it all these years.

One of the main programs that knows no borders is "One Team" - Basketball is Everywhere. Panathinaikos BC, in cooperation with the organizing authority Euroleague, is actively involved in a program aimed at helping vulnerable social groups. For the past three years, Panathinaikos BC has chosen to work with the Corinth Juvenile Detention Center. Through basketball, juvenile inmates (15-18 years old) gain knowledge of the sport and learn values ​​such as teamwork, cooperation, solidarity and respect. For the 2019-2020 season and in the context of this initiative, the Club is working together with the Hadjikonsta Foundation to provide a way out through sports to disadvantaged children.

It is also known that every year at Christmas the group visits charity institutions. But the charity does not stop there. Panathinaikos has collaborated with various agencies, some of which are Doctors Without Borders, the Hellenic Red Cross, ELEPAP, UNICEF, the Penteli Orphanage, the MITERA Orphanage, MARASLIOS, MARASLIOS SOS Children's Villages, the Hagia Sophia Children's Hospital Oncology Unit, Animal Associations, Correctional Institutions, Schools, Academies, Municipalities and Municipal Sports Organizations, and has participated in anti-drug and environmental awareness campaigns.

These initiatives by the Club know no borders, therefore Panathinaikos BC implemented 2 social responsibility programs, the program "Aga-PAO all of Greece" for CSR actions that are implemented within Greece, and the program "Aga-PAO all the world" on actions for the rest of the world.

The following are the areas of social responsibility programs that Panathinaikos operates within, both domestically and internationally, and some of the actions taken for each area, which are:


The Environment:

  • Installed a new turnstile system, that allows check-in through mobile devices, encouraging our fans not to print their tickets.

  • World Energy Day. Electricity shutdown for one hour on all facilities of the team.

  • World Environment Day. Free distribution of plants and seedlings to all customers in the Club Store and distribution of a leaflet on the problems of climate change and how to deal with them.


Youth and Sports:

  • Training for children, ages 15-18, to help them both on sports as well as on a social level, and to improve their quality of life.

  • Organizing the school tournament "G. Kalafatis" with the participation of high schools of Attica.

  • Hosting of schools and sports academies from all over Greece οn the team's home matches.

  • Dispatch of 11,500 basketballs to sports organizations in all municipalities of Greece.

  • Send-out of gifts and items to 18 cultural institutions in the Prefecture of Attica.


Poverty and Malnutrition:

  • Send-out of 16 tons of clothing and gifts to families in need from all the counties of Greece. More than 33,000 objects were donated to our very low-income fellow families. All municipalities - capitals of the Greek provinces cooperated. The whole territory was geographically covered. The total cost of this initiative exceeded € 230,000.

  • "A point closer to defeating the opponent and malnutrition." For every point our team achieved in the home games, a meal was given to a child from a "Third-World" country. This was done in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders.

  • Painting exhibition with concepts inspired by the history of Panathinaikos, part of which was donated to Doctors Without Borders in the fight against malnutrition.



  • Participation in the "TARGET" initiative on the fight for breast cancer prevention.

  • Participation in the annual fundraiser of the Hellenic Red Cross Volunteer Rescuers.

  • During World AIDS and Diabetes Days, we distribute information leaflets to sports fans.

  • Event organized under the name "PANATHINAIKOS LOVE Auction". Dozens of historical items of the team and personal belongings of athletes from all parts of Panathinaikos were auctioned. The sum collected was € 75,000 and was given to Doctors Without Borders for the purpose of purchasing medical material.



  • Collaboration with the "PAREMVASSI" Addiction Therapy Center.

  • Participation and support of the annual American Community School (ACS) basketball match against drugs.


Sensitive Social Groups:

  • Online Auction for the benefit of the fire-stricken areas of the Prefecture of Ilia.

  • Cooperation on UNICEF programs.

  • Supporting the Greek Special Olympics team in cooperation with EUROLEAGUE.

  • Visits and donations as well as hospitality for people with special needs, orphanages, hospitals, KAPI etc.