Not farewell, but until we meet again”

Panathinaikos BC is in the unpleasant position to announce that its 13 year stellar collaboration with Zelimir Obradovic has come to an end.

The Yannakopoulos family would like to express its gratitude publicly towards coach Obradovic for the impeccable, essential and full collaboration throughout the years, a fact sufficiently verified praise to all tittles conquered by our team since his arrival and up to date.

In both heart and mind the wonderful moments we experienced with Obradovic at the steering wheel of the technical staff will always exist and it is a certainty that his name will be written in golden letters across the Panathinaikos legacy as one of the main factors towards achieving all great successes.

When conditions make things so and a friend must leave, saying goodbye seems unbearable. We view Obradovic as a member of our family and we feel that in the future our roads shall coincide once again. Hence we do not bid him farewell but “until we meet again good friend”.

Statement of Mr. Zelimir Obradovic

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you that when I came in Athens, in June of 1999 as Coach for PANATHINAIKOS, I couldn’t even imagine that PANATHINAIKOS would be MY TEAM – MY FAMILY & MY HOME for 13 years.

These 13 years we had many beautiful moments, many celebrations but also difficulties.

We lived intensely all these moments because we were always together and connected like a big and real family.

The principals I have from my family, always reminds me that the most important thing is to respect the others, if you want them to respect you. This is something I would like to emphasize at the moment.

I have great respect for Giannakopoulos family. This family managed by using its power to keep us together all these years.

I would like to thank and salute respectfully, all the people who are working in KAE Panathinaikos and all the members of the coaching staff with whom I had a great partnership all these years. Also a big thank you goes to all Panathinaikos friends and fans who have been ALWAYS - ALWAYS but ALWAYS together with us. Without their help we would have never succeed. Of course a BIG Thank you goes to all the players with whom I worked these 13 years.

All together, Giannakopoulos Family, KAE employees, the coaching staff, players and fans of the team, managed to make Panathinaikos Basketball Team, a big club which all Europe respects.

These days I got a VERY, very difficult decision for me. This cooperation came to an end.

I thing without doubt that this decision is the best for all of us at this difficult period

I think that what happens in a family should be kept inside the family.

There is a Greek saying “Whatever happens in a family should never go public”

Panathinaikos was my group and my home for 13 years and this will be forever in my heart and in my mind.

I feel and I am Panathinaikos.

I would also like to thank all the representatives from Internet sites, TV, Radio, and Newspapers for our smooth co-operation .

Last but not least I would like to say a GREAT THANK YOU to my best man, my closest partner and friend Dimitris Itoudis for our great and magnifical cooperation.

Athens 12/06/2012

Zeljko Obradovic