Panathinaikos BC President, Dimitris Giannakopoulos statement

“After the new blow, under the belt as per usual, in my expense but moreover in OUR PANATHINAIKOS” expense, I would like to clearly state towards every direction that: PANATHINAIKOS does not back down, does not give up, does not comprise with the system. Panathinaikos is ready to conquer the championship in the SEF arena.

It is impossible however to surpass and pay no attention to the different method of treatment PANATHINAIKOS is receiving by the State, as opposed to how Olympiacos is treated in all sports departments. Our penalizations are always unfair and annihilating, but they will not get away with it.

As I stated, Panathinaikos does not back down. Personally, I am not affected by the new attempt of my destruction. Panathinaikos is an idea; its love, it’s a sacred symbol and like it or not certain people, we are going to conquer the championship. The championship will be ours no matter what, no matter how much some might try to deter it.

I make a commitment towards the PANATHINAIKOS people that in unison we will break the system that has been for years controlled by Olympiacos.

We will be setting a rendezvous in the following days with the fans, to celebrate the “double” in a fiesta at the Panathinaikos Stadium”.