The basketball court was inaugurated at the Corinth Juvenile Detention Center.

On Tuesday 16/5, the inauguration of the basketball court at the Corinth Juvenile Detention Center, sponsored by Panathinaikos BC Superfoods and Superfoods® Natural Supplements, under the Euroleague's Basketball is Everywhere program. After three years of participation in the program, the team together with their Official Sponsor have carried out a project that promotes the values of sport and gives a way out to children from their difficult daily lives.

Panathinaikos BC Superfoods, Managing Director, Panagiotis Triantopoulos, PAO BC ACADEMY Director, Fragiskos Alvertis and Academy Coach, Yiannis Sioutis were present at the ceremony. At the event General Manager of Superfoods Natural Supplements, Stavroula Chasagoglou as well as representatives of the local Corinth Detention Center, the police, the army and the church, were welcomed by the Director of the Center, Antonis Tsourakis.

In detail, the statements of the attendees:

Panagiotis Triantopoulos (Managing Director of Panathinaikos BC Superfoods): "In the three years that we have visited the Corinth Juvenile Detention Center as part of the Euroleague ONE TEAM program, we realized how positive this program is impacting the children, how much happiness it brings them and how much we help them understand the principles of team spirit and athletic spirit. During last year's visit with the team we saw the court situation and we promised to do everything we can to create a sports ground, a beautiful basketball court and allow them to spend some time enjoying the sport. Today I feel great joy and thrill that this work has been completed and we are here to launch it. I want to thank both Euroleague and Superfoods that have given their best efforts to get this done. Panathinaikos was and will always be next to our vulnerable social groups and to anybody that needs help. "

Stavroula Chasagoglou (Superfoods General Manager): "Superfoods and Panathinaikos have the pleasure of participating in programs with such a positive social impact. This program is based on the values of sport and fair play. Sport gives you this push that makes you want to go forward and improve your life. The court is amazing. It has colour, it gives the children a way out of their daily situations and makes us want to participate in a game as well."

Antonis Tsourekis (Director of Corinth Juvenile Detention Centre): "With great care and patience, we formed the creation of the basketball court that was missing and is a key feature in the prison facility. Our goal is to provide alternative outlets for the children and that is why we are trying to broaden our sports programs. In this effort, Panathinaikos BC Superfoods contributed greatly, with whom we have been working with since 2015 ".

Giannis Sioutis (PAO BC ACADEMY Coach): "It is important that children are involved in sports and basketball in particular. It helps them escape their everyday life and see things from another perspective for a better future because sport improves every person. "