Panathinaikos BC OPAP announcement

Panathinaikos BC OPAP welcomes the exhaustive sanction of 38.000 Euro imposed by Euroleague on Olympiacos BC for the lack of basic security measures during the game performed two days ago between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos at the Peace & Friendship Stadium (SEF), which enabled accredited people of Olympiacos BC, as well as unknown hooligans to attack members of our mission during their entrance in the stadium before the beginning of the game, during halftime, as well as in our team’s changing rooms, thus putting their physical integrity in danger and forcing them to leave even before the end of the game.

We would like to remind you that also on the first-round game dated 6/12, a sanction of 54.001 Euro as well as one game played behind closed doors had been imposed to Panathinaikos for the existence of many flairs inside the arena. These decisions help the most in the fight against violence and create a framework of merit and objectivity in the Euroleague’s product.

Panathinaikos will keep helping Euroleague in the fight against violence in the stadiums and… against all those who cause it.

We are confident that both the Greek State and the Greek Justice will be relentless against Olympiacos for what happened two days ago at the Pease & Friendship Stadium (SEF), just like Euroleague did.