Announcement about the 2013-14 season tickets

Panathinaikos is 2013 Greek League Champion and Greek Cup holder, the epilogue of this year’s competitive season, one of the most significant in the team’s entire history, to be written behind two more titles. A reconstruction season turned out to be yet another glorious season, praise to the team’s fans, that stood by it from the very first minute; the fans that administration, technical staff and players aspire to have next to them during next season also, behind a permanent seat at the OAKA; and the way is through obtaining season tickets, which will be on sale right away.

The season tickets will be on sale at tomorrow’s fiesta, Sunday (June 16) at the OAKA ticket booths (“Irini” train station and P5/Parking lot 5). From Monday (June 17) they will be available at the regular sale-spots and online.

Until Sunday, September 8 season tickets renewals will be committed, but also sale of new season tickets, except the seats that had been sold last season. From Monday, September 9, all OAKA arena seats will be available for purchase.

The regular sale spots for the season tickets are as follows:

*”Apostolos Nikolaidis” Gate 10, phone number.210 6440010 (Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00)

*Viva,gr office at “The Mall Athens”, 35 A.Papandreou St, Maroussi, Level 2 (Operating hours: Monday-Friday: 10:00-21:00, Saturday: 09:00-20:00) and

* office, 2 Kapodistriou St & Kifissias Av., Maroussi, 2nd floor (Operating hours: Monday-Sunday: 10.00-20.00)

Purchases may also be made calling 13855 and 211 7700000 or online, logging on to and Info concerning the season tickets can be offered through calling 210 6440010.

Panathinaikos BC, wishing to offer the right to a permanent seat at the OAKA arena to all the Greens, maintained pricing at the same levels as last season. More precisely, the Silver category will be € 2,000 for all to renew their seat and € 2,250 for the friends to obtain a new ticket, the Regular A and Regular B category will be € 720 and € 180 respectively. Also, the category Regular C will be maintained at € 150 and the social ticket at € 130. The Gold category remains at € 4,000. Finally, the family ticket at categories Regular A and Regular B is maintained.

We expect to see you all at the OAKA to celebrate our team’s new successes, together.