Letter to Euroleague

Panathinaikos BC OPAP sent the following letter to the Euroleague:

Dear Sirs.

First of all, as you well know, the scheduled instalments corresponding to Panathinaikos BC’s share from Euroleague revenues (indicatively, television and market pool) have still not been paid to our Club and remain overdue since 15 May 2020 causing irreparable damage to our planning.

On top of that, even though three months have passed following the suspension of the 2019-20 season, Euroleague has failed to inform all of the Clubs about any developments concerning the current financial situation of the competition, as well as any possible negotiations regarding Euroleague Basketball’s television broadcasting rights and existing or future sponsorship agreements.

The non-fulfilment of your above-mentioned critical obligations towards the Clubs clearly demonstrates Euroleague Basketball’s lack of programming and professionalism, leaving us vulnerable and exposed at a particularly challenging and critical time.

In view of the above, we once again ask both for the immediate payment of the agreed amounts and our thorough update on the pending financial negotiations and agreements.

Thank you in advance.


For Panathinaikos BSA OPAP


            Vassilios. G. Parthenopoulos

             General Manager