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Mr. Green

Mr. Green is the Panathinaikos’ mascot. He is a green, muscular basketball player, with a basket ball for a head, “born” in 2006.  

Creating Mr. Green took a good part of a month, since he is made out of material commonly being used in the Hollywood motion pictures industry for the construction of movie costumes such as the ones for Batman, Spiderman and other American movies characters.

His mission is to entertain fans of all age groups during game breaks, gives away presents and participates in all entertainment events inside the court.  

Mr. Green partakes in each and every game hosted by our team at OAKA, while he always stands by the children, participating in social responsibility events.

Our favorite mascot has also participated in five All Star Games.

…In 2014 Tyrese Rice won the Euroleague with Maccabi Tel Aviv and he was named the EuroLeague Final Four MVP.