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2005 – Greek Cup winner

After breath-taker in 2004, Panathinaikos made a comeback in 2005 in the Greek Cup winners’ list. In the Lido Indoor Hall, the “Greens” clinched the title by defeating Aris, despite the fact that it was trailing in the score during the first half. By the end of the game, the “clover’s” trophy-case was featuring one more title and Jaka Lakovic was voted MVP of the competition. Before getting to the final, Panathinaikos eliminated yet once again Olympiakos in an away game, the defeated AEK and overcame PAOK via two victories in the double elimination semifinal.


Round B’

2/10/2004 Olympiakos-Panathinaikos 45-57


6/10/2004 ΑΕΚ-Panathinaikos 64-70


10/10/2004 Panathinaikos-PAOK 75-58

13/10/2004 PAOK -Panathinaikos 58-63


25/3/2005 Panathinaikos- Aris SC 72-68

Referees: Koromilas - Voreadis - Tavoylareas

Panathinaikos (Obradovic): Diamantidis 6, Lakovic 15(2), Scepanovic 9 (2), Tsartsaris 14, Batiste 12, Chatzivrettas, Alvertis 8(2), Femerling 4, Kutluay 3(1), Kalaitzis 1, Papanikolaou, Baxter

Aris (Burton): Collins 21(4), Padius 9(1), Castle 11(1), Meseriakov 6, Stack 6, Raicevic 1, Schortsanitis 8, Asimakopoulos 3, Johnson 2, Karapostolou, Kyritsis 1, Charitopoulos