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1973 – Greek Champion

Changes in the roster were not enough to deprive Panathinaikos of the championship title for the third consecutive year. Without Kolokythas, Peppas, Panagiotarakos, and Haikalis, but having added Kokolakis and Papantoniou to the roster, Panathinaikos reached the top with a record 24-2 run (2177-1836) to win the title. Apostolos Kontos was fourth on the top scorers’ board of the championship with 532 points, followed by Christos Iordanidis with 515.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Iordanidis, Kefalos, Braoudakis, Sigas, Papazoglou, Papantoniou, Kokolakis, Broustas, Dimaras, Housseas, Anagnos, Mikelis, Koroneos, Pavlidis, Bogdanos. Coach: Kostas Mourouzis