The Sixth Player


The administration, the coach, the players, the staff... All of these components helped Panathinaikos evolve, reach the top, stay there and be considered Europe's top team. These and another important ingredient that made success a certainty: The Club's fans!

Panathinaikos' friends have also deposited their credentials throughout Europe. From the stands, from their posts they conquer their own peaks. From Kallimarmaro, to the Tomb of the Indus and from there to Glyfada or Patisia, to the closed gymnasium of the OAKA and to every corner of Europe, they are always close to the team. Tel Aviv, Zaragoza, Paris, Moscow, Thessaloniki, Berlin or even Roan, Zagreb, Bamberg, Milan... Panathinaikos never plays alone. Green scarves will always be there to support the team. And they will always force foreigners who come to OAKA to turn their phone cameras away from the court in order to photograph the people of Panathinaikos... Because they are unique in their own way!