"Big club, unlike any other." This verse, the beginning of our anthem, perfectly reflects the size of Panathinaikos, the most important and most historic Greek Club!

Our story begins on February 3, 1908, when George Kalafatis, along with 40 other athletes, founded the Panathinaikos Athletic Club.

Eleven years later, the basketball department was founded. It was in 1919 when the historic founder of Panathinaikos attended the "Allied Games of Paris", asked about basketball regulations, received the necessary know-how, and returned to Greece with the necessary equipment to create Panathinaikos’ basketball division, which would later become the most successful division of the Club.

A key member of the basketball team was Apostolos Nikolaidis, one of the inspirers and emblem of the Club. Specifically, during his studies in Germany, Apostolos Nikolaidis had attended SpVgg Fürth, who wore green and white jerseys and bore the shamrock as their emblem. Inspired by this, he suggested this particular emblem for Panathinaikos.

His choice was not by chance alone, of course. The shamrock carries symbols from antiquity that are widespread in many cultures around the world. It symbolizes the balance between the spirit, the soul and the body. It also symbolizes good fortune, fertility, rebirth and eternal life.

The first title of the basketball division was not long to come, as in 1921 they won their first Hellenic Championship title. The follow-up period was a rather challenging one for the basketball division, which managed however to overcome it and tap into its full potential several years later.

Despite all the problems the “greens” had to face during the Second World War, they strived to provide through sports a way out for people, as did other teams at the time.

In an effort to return to normality, sports have gained traction for Panathinaikos, resulting in another basketball title in 1946. Dozens of titles followed ... After all, Panathinaikos is forever “bound” for collecting trophies and is doing exactly that which it was founded for, spreading joy to the club’s millions of followers across the world.

A key aspect in the evolution of Panathinaikos’ basketball and its establishment as one of the top European teams, was the undertaking of the club’s administration by the Giannakopoulos family in 1987! Pavlos Giannakopoulos, with his brothers Thanasis and Kostas always at his side, led the “shamrock” to countless moments of glory.

Dimitris Giannakopoulos, son of Pavlos Giannakopoulos, took over the reins in 2012, a worthy successor of the “Green Empire” who continues their unceasing work until this very day.

Since the 1995-1996 season, when the club celebrated its first European Championship in Paris as well as the Greek Cup in Patras, Panathinaikos has acquired at least one trophy per season for 27 consecutive seasons, accumulating a total of 43 trophies including 6 European Championships, 20 Greek Championships, 15 Greek Cups, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 Super Cup!

This unique feat highlighted Panathinaikos as the only European team to ever achieve this, surpassing Real Madrid and Maccabi Tel Aviv who shared a best run of 23 seasons with at least one trophy.

Needless to wonder why Euroleague officially announced Panathinaikos as the most successful European team of the current century!

Our team has been the home of great players and personalities throughout the years, players who made and continue making history with the club. Great examples are those of Dominique Wilkins, Nikos Gkalis, Dejan Bodiroga, Franciskos Alvertis and Dimitris Diamantidis.

Each of them has connected their names to big successes and trophies for the club. One thing is for certain though, trophies will continue to accumulate. Golden pages will continue to be written, for that is the purpose for which Panathinaikos was founded.

EUROLEAGUE: 1996, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2011


GREEK CHAMPIONSHIPS: 1921, 1946, 1947, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

GREEK CUPS: 1979, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1993, 1996, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2021




In their ​first Greek Super Cup final, the "Greens" won Promitheas Patras at “Dimitris Tofalos” (92-83) and lifted the trophy.

Ioannis Papapetrou scored 20 points and Giorgos Papagiannis elected MVP of the final.

In the semi-final of the second HNC Coin Super Cup Panathinaikos OPAP beat Lavrio Megabolt (74-61).


Greek Champion


The 40th Championship in his history was won by Panathinaikos OPAP as he finished with a 3-1 win in the series of the Stoiximan Basket League Playoffs Finals against Lavrio Megabolt.

In the forth final, the Greens defeated their opponents (66-82) and captain Ioannis Papapetou lifted another trophy into the sky of the Lavrio’s GymIoannis Papapetrou led the Greens offence with 24 points.

The championship squad: Mack, Bray, Papagiannis, Bochorides, Papapetrou, Hezonja, Diplaros, Kaselakis, Auguste, White, Mitoglou, Bentil, Sant-Roos, Vougioukas, Nedovic, Mantzoukas, Kalaitzakis

Coach: Giorgos Vovoras / Oded Kattash



In the 46th Greek Cup final, Panathinaikos OPAP won Promitheas Patras at OAKA (91-79) and lifted the trophy for the 20th time in their history. Ioannis Papapetrou scored 25 points and elected MVP of the final.

Score in each period: 20-15, 45-41, 68-58, 91-79

Quarter Final



Semi Final








Panathinaikos OPAP won the 39th championship in its history in the 2019-2020 season. The pandemic of Covid-19 brought an early end to the 2019-2020 season, however the first place that Panathinaikos OPAP maintained in the standings of the regular season of the Basketball League gave it the title. Specifically, after the end of the first 20 games, the "greens" easily maintained the first place with 18 wins and 2 losses.

The roster of the champions: Thomas, Rice, Papagiannis, Rautins, Papapetrou, Pappas, Vougioukas, Athinaiou, Papadakis, Johnson, Fredette, Calathes, Wiley, Mitoglou, Bentil

Coaches: Argyris Pedoulakis / Rick Pitino



The 38th Championship in his history was won by Panathinaikos OPAP as he finished with a 3-0 win in the series of the Basketball League Championship Playoffs with Prometheus Patras. In the third final, the Greens defeated their opponents 111-77 and senior Nick Calathes lifted another trophy into the sky of the OAKA. George Papagiannis and Deshawn Thomas scored 16 points each.

On the occasion of completing 100 years of life and success of the basketball part of the club, in the half time of the match, Panathinaikos OPAP awarded Dimitris Giannakopoulos with Argyris Papapetrou for his valuable contribution to the team.

The championship squad: Papagiannis, Papapetrou, Calathes, Thomas, Kilpatrick, Lojeski, Gist, Kalaitzakis, Vougioukas, Mitoglou, Antetokounmpo, Langford, Lekavicius, Sakellariou, Pappas, Lasme, Payne

Coach: Xavi Pascual / Rick Pitino


In their 43th Greek Cup final Panathinaikos won Aris at Alexandreio (68-59) and lifted the trophy for the 19th time in their history. Nick Calathes scored 18 points and elected MVP of the final.

Score in each period: 15-29, 36-46, 58-59, 73-79

Round 2 - 03/10/2018


Quarter Final - 5/11/2018


Semi Final - 13/02/2019


Final - 17/02/2019




Panathinaikos Superfoods easily defeated Olympiacos at OAKA (84-70) to its fifth final Playoffs game in the Greek Basket League and became champion for 37nth time in its history (3-2). Panathinaikos Superfoods has won at least one title (Euroleague, Greek League, Greek Cup, Intercontinental Cup) for 23rd consecutive years!



Panathinaikos Superfoods easily defeated Olympiacos at SEF (66-51) to its fifth final Playoffs game in the Greek Basket League and became champion for 36th time in its history, getting to another double (3-2). 


In their 42th Greek Cup final Panathinaikos won Aris at Alexandreio (68-59) and lifted the trophy for the 18th time in their history. James Feldeine scored points 18 points and elected MVP of the final.

Score in each period:18-10, 29-27, 50-37, 68-59



In their 41th Greek Cup final Panathinaikos won Faros Keratsiniou 101-54 at OAKA and lifted the trophy for the 17th time in their history. Vlado Jankovic and James Gist scored 13 points. Dimitris Diamantidis elected MVP of the final.

Score in each period: 12-31,  26-57, 38-76, 54-101



In their 40th Greek Cup final Panathinaikos won Apollon Patras 53-68 and lifted the trophy for the 16th time in their history. Loukas Mavrokefalidis (13 p.) was the top scorer for his team and MVP of the final.

The Greens, supported by 10,000 fans, went all-out on the court and with just 4 minutes played they had a 9-point lead (0-9), which they kept until the end of the first period (12-21). Panathinaikos maintained their momentum increasing their lead by 11 points (12-23) in the 11th minute, 15 points (12-27) in the 14th minute and 19 points (20-39) at half-time.

Dusko Ivanovic saw his players performing even better on the court and increasing their lead up to 26 points (26-57) after 30 minutes of play. The head coach used all the players on the bench. Especially in the last period the spectators had the chance to see at the same time on the court the next generation of Panathinaikos: Michalis Lountzis, Vassilis Charambopoulos, Yorgos Diamantakos and Lefteris Bochoridis.



History in basketball is been written in Green letters. It's a fact proven once more this season. Panathinaikos is Basket League OPAP champion for 35th time in its history, getting to another double. This time the team followed bath, never walked before. The final 3-2 at OAKA was sealed using a break, after a break! And the season finished with a familiar image: Dimitris Diamantidis lifting one more trophy!

Panathinaikos began the season preserving a big percentage of last season's roster. Mike Batiste and Antonis Fotsis returned to the team, Loukas Mavrokefalidis was added, young Greek players such as Vladimir Jankovic and Nikos Pappas arrived, Ping Shang and Giorgos Apostolidis offered to the team, while Zack Wright came in the middle of the season to help. Something rare in Panathinaikos' history took place during the season as Argyris Pedoulakis stepped down and Fragkiskos Alvertis took over as the head coach of the team. All these in a year which was the first after 2002 without Kostas Tsartsaris, who decided to call it quits.

Panathinaikos finished first in the regular season, with just one defeat and with a 3point deficit to the second. The team reached the final series after sweeping Apollon Patras 2-0 (88-61 home, 82-67 away) and PAOK 3-0 (89-83 and 83-77 home, 72-65 away). The final series was just around the corner and Olympiacos was once more the opponent. Panathinaikos led 1-0 at OAKA (59-56), was beaten at SEF (89-64, 1-1) and then was beaten again in a rare OAKA loss (64-69, 1-2). A lot of people came to believe that Panathinaikos wouldn't be able to defend its title. Greens proved them wrong. The shamrock came back, won at SEF (67-65) to tie the series 2-2. The champion was going to be crowned at OAKA. A place were Panathinaikos wouldn't allow anyone to beat them twice. And they demonstrated they deserved the title. The final 82-71 allowed them and a packed OAKA to celebrate their 34th league title.

The champion team roster: Vassilis Charalampopoulos, Mike Bramos, Ramel Curry, Mike Batiste, Antonis Fotsis, Roko Leni Ukic, Stephane Lasme, Loukas Mavrokefalidis, Dimitris Diamantidis, James Gist, Nikos Pappas, Vladimir Jankovic, Ping Shang, Jonas Maciulis, Zack Wright, Giorgos Apostolidis, Giorgos Diamantakos

Head Coach: Fragkiskos Alvertis


Panathinaikos celebrated the 15th Greek Cup and the 55th title in his history at Herakleio, Crete. Panathinaikos edged Aris 90-53 at the New Indoor Arena (Dyo Aorakia). The first half ended 40-40. The second half was totally different. The "greens" found their rhythm through defense, they made the open three pointers and they built a big margin only to reach the final 90-53. Ramel Curry was the first scorer (17pts) and the MVP of the final. Dimitris Diamantidis broke another record, since he became the first player to play 10 Cup Finals.



Rethymno-Panathinaikos 52-83


Panathinaikos-Olympiacos 67-59


Panathinaikos-Aris 90-53

Referees: Tanatzis, Karakatsounis, Panagiotou

Quarters: 20-18, 40-40, 75-47, 90-53

Panathinaikos (Pedoulakis): Charampopoulos, Bramos 8, Curry 17, Batiste 4, Fotsis 11, Ukic 6, Lasme 7, Mavrokefalidis 4, Diamantidis 7, Pappas 7, Jankovic 6, Maciulis 13

Aris (Minic): Mpohoridis 12, Hunt, Pelekanos 9, Gkikas 1, Tsakaleris 7, Asimakopoulos, Harisis, Larentzakis, Vezenkov 9, Mourtos 5, Athinaiou 10

Άρης (Μίνιτς): Μποχωρίδης 12, Χαντ, Πελεκάνος 9, Γκίκας 1, Τσακαλέρης 7, Ασημακόπουλος, Χαρίσης, Λαρεντζάκης, Βεζένκοφ 9, Μούρτος 5, Αθηναίου 10



Panathinaikos was “born” to make history. And that is exactly what it did on yet another occasion. Its Champion DNA functioned, even though the team was built from scratch. The page was turned, but the clover was what bloomed again and actually quite impressively: Behind a 0-3 run in the finals versus Olympiacos, breaking the SEF home court twice.  

Panathinaikos experienced a different summer in 2012. The administration reins were taken over by Dimitris Giannakopoulos. There was a change in the technical leadership after 13 years with Zeljko Obradovic giving his place to Argyris Pedoulakis. From the body of players only the captain Dimitris Diamantidis and the player the longest on the team, Kostas Tsartsaris remained. A tough summer commenced, the team was rebuilt from the beginning and many were they who failed to hide their skepticism. Thankfully, Panathinaikos was never a team of great statements, but of bombastic actions. Gradually the puzzle was laid out. Down the road certain pieces of it had to be substituted. Andy Panko, Hilton Armstrong, Derwin Kitchen, Jason Kapono, Marcus Banks left in order for James Gist, Ramel Curry and RT Guinn to come along.

At the end of the regular season Panathinaikos ranked second in the final lay out. It swept Ikaros to get by its first obstacle (2-0), acted respectively when facing Panionios next (3-0), high time for the finals to approach. The Greens committed step one towards the 33rd title in the history of the championship, at the first final in SEF, as they would prevail 64-51. At the OAKA win number 2 arrived behind final 63-52. The third final turned out to be dramatic. Panathinaikos had the lead at the SEF (72-76). 1’27’’ pending on the game clock riots broke out, a decision to be made quite some time later, for the official interruption of the encounter. For yet another time in its history Panathinaikos celebrated a championship at the SEF!

The champion team synthesis: Schortsanitis, Bramos, Curry, Maciulis, Ukic, Lasme, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Gist, Guinn, Xanthopoulos, Giannopoulos, Skordilis, Charalampopoulos, Diamantakos. During the season Hilton Armostrong, Derwin Kitchen, Andy Panko, Jason Kapono and Marcus Banks also competed. Head CoachArgyris Pedoulakis


Helliniko hosted Panathinaikos’ cheering once more. Panathinaikos celebrated its 14th trophy in the history of the Greek Cup Competition. Clover beat Olympiacos 81-78 in the competition’s Final. Greens turned on their engines to the fullest since the tip off leading 22-9 (9’10’’) and 37-20 (16’22’’), demonstrating that they were there to get the title. Although the game was interrupted for about one hour, the result everybody had expected from the first moments of the game was sealed at the end. Panathinaikos nailed the trophy. Dimitris Diamantidis was top scorer of the Final (19pts), while Roko Leni Ukic was named MVP of the encounter.
4/10/2012 OACA Panathinaikos-Panionios 82-61
22/12/2012 OACA Panathinaikos-KAOD 66-56
Olympiacos-Panathinaikos 78-81
Referees: Schinas, Gontas, Anastopoulos
Quarters: 15-23, 30-41, 53-62, 78-81
Olympiacos (Bartzokas):Hines 8, Law 15, Antic 17, Spanoulis 12, Perperoglou 2, Shermadini 4, Sloukas 10, Papanikolaou 2, Powel 2, Gecevicius, Printezis 6
Panathinaikos (Pedoulakis):Bramos, Schortsanitis 6, Maciulis 3, Kapono 8, Ukic 18, Lasme 16 (6rbs, 4bl), Tsartsaris, Diamantidis 19 (8rbs, 7as, 2st), Gist 11 (3st), Banks, Skordilis



Panathinaikos’ trophy case opened up to receive on Saturday, March 10th, yet another trophy. The first cup in the 2011-12 competition season headed to the home of the “Greens” after their victory over Olympiakos by 71-70 in the Greek Cup final that was once again hosted at the Hellenikon indoors arena. A free throw that Dimitris Diamantidis shot at the end of the game was enough for Panathinaikos to seal the victory. Sarunas Jasikevicius was voted MVP of the game. For the clover, this has been Greek Cup number 13 in its history.


The results

Panathinaikos – Marousi  93-61

Panathinaikos – Kavala 90-51

lympiakos – Panathinaikos 70-71

Referees: Christodoulou – Anastopoulos – Foufis

By quarter: 17-25, 35-38, 58-55, 70-71

Olympiakos (Ivkovic): Hines 11, Papanikolaou, Antic 13, Spanoulis 12, Mantzaris 2, Dorsey 2, Keselj 7, Gecevicius 2, Sloukas 4, Printezis 17

Panathinaikos (Obradovic): Maric 6, Perperoglou, Batiste 9, Logan, Sato 10, Tsartsaris 5, Diamantidis 9, Vougioukas 7, Calathes N. 7, Smith, Kaimakoglou 8, Jasikevicius 10



The home advantage means absolutely nothing, at least not when you are Panathinaikos. Same as it did against Barcelona, the “clover” showed Olympiakos as well what it means to be forged in a champion’s mold and won its 9th consecutive Greek championship title in the OAKA by defeating the “reds” with a 3-1 run.

The year began with everyone disputing the course of the team and continued down the same path at least ‘till March. Qualifying to the Euroleague Final Four change things around, Panathinaikos winning the title, its sixth European Championship, gave an emphatic answer to anyone questioning the team. Going into the finals series Panathinaikos was playing with home disadvantage, since it ranked second by the end of the regular season. The “Greens” knew how to get to the trophy and proved it in the court, refraining from pompous words many times over.

The key to winning the 33rd Greek Championship title in the history of the club was the victory in the first game of the finals in SEF. The final score of 70-75 gave an edge to Panathinaikos that had also “stolen” the home advantage from under its opponent. The series went to0-2 at OAKA, but the gap was closed with Olympiakos winning the home game in the third final (76-68). However, the title goes to those who mark three victories and it was Panathinaikos that broke the three-victory mark in the playoffs in an exciting game that was settled in overtime (101-94); and this is even more remarkable given that the “Greens” had already lost Dimitris Diamantidis 1’10’’ into the game due to a sprained ankle. Zeljko Obradovic won the Coach of the Year award, Dimitris Diamantidis was the Grek Championship MVP, as well as Defender of the Year, whereas along with Mike Batiste they were named to the Greek Championship First Team. Panathinaikos saw another of its players make it to individual excellence, as Nick Calathes won the Most Improved Player award.

The lineup of the championship team: Tepic, Maric, Perperoglou, Batiste, Fotsis, Sato, Nicholas, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Vougioukas, Calathes, Bogris, Kaimakoglou, Zoumbos, Karamalegos. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic



It happened before, in 1999… so why not do it again? Panathinaikos proved in practice that there is no such thing as a home advantage putting stress on it, and won for the second time in its history the Greek Championship in the “Peace and Friendship” Stadium.

The year was not the easiest possible for the “Greens”, since for the second consecutive season the team was “tormented” by injuries. It is certain, though, that everyone will agree that it was worth it making it through this tough year, since it ended with the players, and not just them, singing “oe, oe, championship title inside the Palais” again 11 years after the first one.  All the mishaps did not prevent the team from striving and keeping trying, and ultimately regrouping after having being eliminated from the Euroleague competition way too early and seeing its fans stand by its side in difficult times. The passion for winning the championship title was way high. Panathinaikos landed at the top of the regular season ranking by setting a record, since it had but a single loss (23-1). When time came for the playoffs, it began by two clean sweeps: the first against Panionios with a 2-0 run (92-57, 107-59) and then against Panellinios with a 3-0 run 3-0 (88-58, 75-73, 75-65). The fourth final that settled the title lasted four hours. Zeljko Obradovic and his players withstood it, knowing that they were better in the court and proved it, as they also proved that they had tremendous mental reserves that led the “clover” to winning the trophy. They got the team to its 32nd Greek Championship title in the history of the club, its eighth consecutive one, its 12th in the last 13 years. The final score of 69-76 in Faliro, gave Panathinaikos the victory and put it on the champion’s throne with a 3-1 run in the finals series (73-54, 72-79, 79-70, 76-69). For historical purposes, let it be noted that the officials stopped the game against the home team at 38’57’’ in the game and game was granted to the Greek Champions with a final score of 0-20.

 Mike Batiste, Dimitris Diamantidis and Drew Nikolas were named to the Greek Championship First Team, with the former also being voted Greek Championship MVP after seven years in Greece and Panathinaikos.

The lineup of the championship team: Tepic, Spanoulis, Perperoglou, Batiste, Fotsis, Nicholas, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Pekovic, Calathes, Shermadini, Verginis, Bogris, Jasikevicius, Golemac, Haislip. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic



Panathinaikos celebrated its second Triple Crown, its fifth double, the 7th consecutive championship title, but also its 11th championship in the last 12 years. The year ended in the best possible way with Panathinaikos, having already won the Greek Cup and its fifth European title, also winning the Greek championship after overpowering Olympiakos by 3-1!

Panathinaikos landed second in the regular season ranking spots (22-4), with Olympiakos in the top spot (25-1) and the home advantage. Nonetheless, in the “clover” they knew that they could turn the situation around and celebrate yet another title. In the playoffs, they eliminated PAOK by 2-0 (97-54, 82-78), Aris by 3-0 (84-80, 66-53, 71-69), and then it was time for the finals. Panathinaikos got off on the right foot showing its intentions from the get go. In the first final game, it prevailed over Olympiakos by 69-67 in the “Peace and Friendship” Stadium and the home advantage now came to its side. Without any difficulty whatsoever, as witnessed by the final score of 91-64, Panathinaikos doubled its victories in the series (2-0). Olympiakos closed the gap to 2-1 (Ο Ολυμπιακός 74-70), only for Panathinaikos to celebrate the title in its own “home” in the fourth final by winning 94-81. This was the 31st championship title for the “clover”! The Greek Championship MVP and First Team were almost “all green”, with four out of the five First Team players competing for Panathinaikos: Dimitris Diamantidis, Vassilis Spanoulis (MVP), Sarunas Jasikevicius, and Nikola Pekovic. Zeljko Obradovic was voted Coach of the Year.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kecman, Spanoulis, Perperoglou, Batiste, Fotsis, Chatzivrettas, Νίκολας, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Pekovic, Sakota, Verginis, Shermadini, Jasikevicius. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic


In 2009, Panathinaikos was crowned for the fifth consecutive year Greek Cup winner, at the same time winning the double for, again, the fifth consecutive time, but also celebrating the Triple Crown for the second time in the club’s history. The “Greens” eliminated both Panellinios and Maroussi before facing again Olympiakos in the familiar Hellinikon Olympic Arena indoor hall. They prevailed in the power struggle by 80-70, this time with Dimitris Diamantidis being the one to walk away with the Greek Cup Final MVP award.



19/11/2008 Panathinaikos-Panellinios 90-81


24/1/2009 Maroussi-Panathinaikos 72-76 (63-63)


22/2/2009 Olympiakos-Panathinaikos 70-80

Referees: Voreadis – Zavlanos – I. Koromilas

Δεκάλεπτα: 13-16, 30-32, 53-53, 70-80

Olympiakos (Giannakis): Papaloukas 13, Pelekanos, Vujsic 4, Μιλόσεβιτς, Bourousis 10, Halperin 3, Greer 11, Pargo 7, Vasilopoulos 8, Schortsanitis 3, Printezis 9, Erceg 2

Panathinaikos (Obradovic): Spanoulis 9, Perperoglou 9, Batiste 12, Fotsis 13, Chatzivrettas, Nicholas 6, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis 16, Pekovic 5, Jasikevicius 10



In 2008, Panathinaikos recorded its fourth consecutive double. Once again, the end of the regular season found the “Greens” at the top of the ranking, giving them the home advantage and reaching the finals by defeating Olympia Larissa by 2-0 and 2-0 against Panionios this time (74-55, 78-58. The 3-2 run (83-79, 55-71, 78-67, 57-59, 90-76) in the finals over Olympiakos led for yet another year the “Greens” to the title. Spanoulis and Diamantidis were once again named to the Greek Championship First Team, with the latter being voted for the third consecutive year Greek Championship MVP.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Perperoglou, Spanoulis, Becirovic, Batiste, Zizic, Chatzivrettas, Dikoudis, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Winston, Tomasevic, Tatarounis, Jasikevicius. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic


This time Panathinaikos and Olympiakos fought it out not at the beginning but at the end of the competition, in the final. Nonetheless, the result remained unchanged: victory in the Hellinikon Olympic Arena still ended up in the hands of the Greens and for the third consecutive year the Greek Cup MVP was again Kostas Tsartsaris. On the way to the final Panathinaikos had eliminated PAOK and Panellinios.



23/12/2007 PAOK -Panathinaikos 54-68


6/2/2008 Panellinios-Panathinaikos 70-76


23/3/2008 Olympiakos-Panathinaikos 79-81

Referees: Koukoulekidis - Voreadis - Zavlanos

Olympiakos (Giannakis): Papamakarios, Kafkis, Blakney 4, Greer 28 (4), Teodosic 8 (1), Macijauskas 5 (1), Vasilopoulos 15 (3), Vasileiadis, Printezis, Bourousis 11, Jackson 10, Tsakalidis

Panathinaikos (Obradovic): Alvertis, Diamantidis 9 (1), Dikoudis, Perperoglou 8 (2), Hatzivrettas /Chatzivrettas 6 (2), Spanoulis 20 (4), Tsartsaris 14 (3), Winston 11 (2), Batiste 5, Zizic, Prkacin, Jasikevicius 8 (1)



Even before the last competition date of the regular season, Panathinaikos had already clinched the top spot in the ranking, with only two losses. In the playoffs, it only got a taste of defeat in the finals, but it wasn’t enough for it to lose the title. In the first round of the playoffs the “Greens” eliminated Maroussi with a 2-0 victory run (66-58, 73-70 away), followed by Panionios with a 3-0 run (85-77, 69-65 away, 85-67), In the finals, it was Olympiakos’ turn to lose with Panathinaikos prevailing with a 3-2 victory-run 3-2 νίκες (79-72,72-76, 86-85, 68-78, 89-76) and grabbing this title too, with a total 32-4 run. Diamantidis, Batiste and Siskauskas were named to the Greek Championship First Team, Zeljko Obradovic was voted Coach of the Year, and Dimitris Diamantidis won the Greek Championship MVP award in a year that was exclusively painted in green. Let us not forget that 2007 was the year that Panathinaikos won its first Triple Crown.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Ντελκ, Papanikolaou, Becirovic, Batiste, Siskauskas, Chatzivrettas, Dikoudis, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Sakota, Tomasevic, Vujanic, Xanthopoulos, Javtokas. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic


The 2007 Greek Cup Final seemed pretty much like a celebration, with Panathinaikos hosting AGOR in the OAKA Indoor Arena and winning by 87-48. The “Green” started off business as usual, as they overpowered Olympiakos in the “Peace and Friendship Stadium” (known to Greeks as “S.E.F.”) in their first game in the competition, continued by eliminating Olympia Larissa, followed by Maroussi in the double elimination semifinal before ending up defeating Rethymnon in the Final. This had become almost the usual ending to the competition not only for the “clover” but also for Kostas Tsartsaris who was voted once again MVP of the competition.


Round B’

27/9/2006 Olympiakos-Panathinaikos 71-79


4/10/2006 Panathinaikos-Olympia Larissa 84-55


5/10/2006 Panathinaikos-Maroussi 108-75

8/10/2006 Maroussi SC-Panathinaikos 79-82


25/3/2007 Panathinaikos-AGO Rethymnon 87-48

Referees: Koukoulekidis – Bitis - Dinos

Panathinaikos (Obradovic): Alvertis 5 (1), Tsartsaris 14 (1), Batiste 8, Hatzivrettas 5, Diamantidis 11 (2), Tomasevic 6, Sakota 2, Vujanic 5 (1), Becirovic 11 (1), Siskauskas 9 (1), Dikoudis 6, Javtokas 5

AGO Rethymnon (Koufos): Kyriakopoulos 8 (2), Koumoulos 5 (1), Spanos 7 (2), Liatsos 8 (1), Houliaras 2, Tsirigotakis 7 (1), Panaras 6, Kostis, Vardavas, Solomonidis, Koronidis 5 (1), Mladenovic



Losing was not an option for Panathinaikos in the playoffs. A 9-0 run led it to the title, while in the regular season it was defeated only twice (32-2). In the first round of the playoffs, Panathinaikos easily eliminated Panionios with a 2-0 run (86-69, 104-86), then followed the semifinals and Aris (3-0, 83-67, 93-71, 79-72) just before time came for the finals against Olympiakos and for Obradovic’s players to make a 3-0 sweep to win the title (82-76, 79-68, 82-70). Spanoulis and Diamantidis, both playing for Panathinaikos at the time, were named to the Greek Championship First Team, with the latter also being voted Greek Championship MVP. This was Diamantidis’ first, but definitely not last MVP title as player for the “clover”.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Papanikolaou, Lakovic, Batiste, Femerling, Chatzivrettas, Spanoulis, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Scepanovic, Tomasevic, Sakota, Hunter. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic


The second consecutive conquest of the Greek Cup title for Panathinaikos was accompanied by a third-time elimination of Olympiakos in an away game and an emphatic 51-81 score that spoke volumes. Before facing the “reds”, the “Greens” had eliminated Iraklis and went on to down AEK in a double elimination semifinal. In the final, hosted in the Galatsi Olympic Hall, Panathinaikos grabbed victory from Maroussi, with Kostas Tsartsaris being voted MVP with 16 points and two 3-pointers.


Round B’

8/10/2005 Iraklis SC-Panathinaikos 72-87


12/10/2005 Olympiakos-Panathinaikos 51-81


16/10/2005 Panathinaikos-ΑΕΚ 76-66

19/10/2005 ΑΕΚ-Panathinaikos 73-78


18/3/2006 Panathinaikos-Maroussi SC 68-57

Referees: Pitsilkas - Zavlanos - Papadimitriou

Panathinaikos (Obradovicς): Alvertis, Papanikolaou, Scepanovic 6 (2), Tsartsaris 16 (2), Batiste 10, Hatzivrettas /Chatzivrettas 2, Femerling, Lakovic 13 (2), Spanoulis 7, Diamantidis 5, Tomasevic 9, Sakota

Maroussi (Giannakis): Blakney 22 (5), Nikolaidis 3 (1), Boudouris, Kyritsis 12, Sekulic 5 (1), Homan 9, Stefanidis 3 (1), Kolokas, Kaimakoglou 1, Karagoutis 2, Giannoulakos, Noeas



The stage was set same as before, with Panathinaikos winning the 27th championship title in the club history. Once again the title was won away from home, since it defeated AEK in the Galatsi Olympic Indoor Arena. The “Greens” ended the regular season in the top spot with a 22-4 run. In the first playoffs round and for the second consecutive year they faced Olympiakos and the outcome was the…usual one: elimination for the Reds with a 2-0 victory run for the Greens (77-74, 95-77). Then, it was Panionios’ turn to be eliminated by a 3-2 run (96-77, 67-69, 92-69, 67-70, 101-57) and an amazing performance for the reds in the home games. In the finals, the “clover” went up against AEK and celebrated the title by a 3-1 showdown (78-62, 79-84, 79-71, 87-71). Overall, Panathinaikos ended the season with a 30-7 run. In his first year with the “clover”, Dimitris Diamantidis was named in the Greek Championship First Team, a position he also held a year before when playing for Iraklis, and which he would not part with for the years to come, while Jaka Lakovic was voted Greek Championship MVP.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Papanikolaou, Lakovic, Batiste, Femerling, Chatzivrettas, Middleton, Baxter, Tsartsaris, Diamantidis, Scepanovic, Kutluay, Sakota, Xanthopoulos. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic


After breath-taker in 2004, Panathinaikos made a comeback in 2005 in the Greek Cup winners’ list. In the Lido Indoor Hall, the “Greens” clinched the title by defeating Aris, despite the fact that it was trailing in the score during the first half. By the end of the game, the “clover’s” trophy-case was featuring one more title and Jaka Lakovic was voted MVP of the competition. Before getting to the final, Panathinaikos eliminated yet once again Olympiakos in an away game, the defeated AEK and overcame PAOK via two victories in the double elimination semifinal.


Round B’

2/10/2004 Olympiakos-Panathinaikos 45-57


6/10/2004 ΑΕΚ-Panathinaikos 64-70


10/10/2004 Panathinaikos-PAOK 75-58

13/10/2004 PAOK -Panathinaikos 58-63


25/3/2005 Panathinaikos- Aris SC 72-68

Referees: Koromilas - Voreadis - Tavoylareas

Panathinaikos (Obradovic): Diamantidis 6, Lakovic 15(2), Scepanovic 9 (2), Tsartsaris 14, Batiste 12, Chatzivrettas, Alvertis 8(2), Femerling 4, Kutluay 3(1), Kalaitzis 1, Papanikolaou, Baxter

Aris (Burton): Collins 21(4), Padius 9(1), Castle 11(1), Meseriakov 6, Stack 6, Raicevic 1, Schortsanitis 8, Asimakopoulos 3, Johnson 2, Karapostolou, Kyritsis 1, Charitopoulos



The “Greens” dominated the season with a power showdown mainly during the playoffs round, by defeating Maroussi in the finals with a 3-0 run and having earlier (in the first round) defeated Olympiakos with a 2-0 run! Zeljko Obradovic’s team ranked at the top spot in the regular season with 22 wins-4 losses. In the first round of the playoffs it made sure to quickly finish off Olympiakos (2-0, 79-76, 68-63). Then followed Iraklis (61-57, 55-73, 68-47) before it was… high time for the finals, with “the clover” emphatically prevailing over Maroussi by 3-0 (101-71, 74-85, 77-66). Overall, Panathinaikos finished the season with a 29-5 run. Kostas Tsartsaris was named in the Greek Championship First Team.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Papanikolaou, Lakovic, Batiste, Maslarinos, Chatzivrettas, Middleton, Tsartsaris, Gagaloudis, McDonald, Sakota, Kouvaris, Jones. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic



After a …brief break, the only one in the first decade of the new millennium, Panathinaikos returned to the top and won one more championship. During the regular season, the “Greens” ended up in the top spot of the ranking with 21 wins-5 losses and in the playoffs they overcame the obstacles of Ionikos N. Ph. (92-69. 94-74), and Peristeri (82-85, 71-69, 78-71), while in the finals they dominated over AEK with 3-1 victories (77-68, 67-72, 84-73, 81-80). Two Panathinaikos’ players were named in the Greek Championship First Team: Darryl Middleton and Fragiskos Alvertis, with the latter also being voted Greek Championship MVP.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Papadopoulos, Lakovic, Fotsis, Balogiannis, Kutluay, Middleton, Tsartsaris, Zouza, McDonald, Buford, Vidalis. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic


Seven years later Panathinaikos became once again Greek Cup winner in the Larissa Final Four. Zeljko Obradovic had already won Greek and European Championship titles with the “Greens”, but not the Greek Cup title until then. In 2003 he made it by steering the “Greens” to the final after first eliminating Xanthi, and then Olympiakos in its home arena. In the Final Four semifinal, Panathinaikos defeated Iraklio, only to repeat victory over Aris in the final game in the Larissa Neapolis indoor arena that was filled to capacity. Fragiskos Alvertis emerged as Final Four MVP, scoring 22pts in the final and three 3-pointers.


Round B’

29/9/2002 Panathinaikos-Xanthi SC 88-53


6/10/2002 Olympiakos-Panathinaikos 62-73

Final Four (5-6/4, Larissa)


4/4/2003 Iraklio -Panathinaikos 83-94


5/4/2003 Aris SC-Panathinaikos 76-81

Referees: Voreadis - Spyridonos

Panathinaikos (Obradovic): Alvertis 22(3), Kalaitzis, Papadopoulos 6, Lakovic 14(1), Fotsis 9, Balogiannis, Kutluay 20(3), Middleton 10, Tsartsaris, McDonald, Vidalis

Aris (Alexandris): Solomon 8(1), Gregov 15(3), Raicevic 4, Lappas 9(1), P. Nikolaidis 11(1), Charitopoulos, Gagaloudis, Agelov, Licholitov 5, Stack 12, Grgat 12, Merachtzakis



The top of the regular season belong to Panathinaikos again. With a 22-4 run (2173-1855), it left its opponents lagging far behind, and went to the playoffs round with a home advantage that it made the most of all the way to the final and celebrated yet another title. During the playoffs semifinals it eliminated AEK (84-80, 82-74) and in the finals it downed Olympiakos with 3-2 victories (83-70, 84-88, 73-57, 74-80, 79-63). Dejan Bodiroga and Zeljko Rebraca were named in the Greek Championship First Team, and Antonis Fotsis was voted Best Young Player of the championship.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Koch, Rogers, Fotsis, Gentile, Bodiroga, Middleton, Rebraca, Burke, Rodostoglou, Balogiannis, Glyniadakis, Katash. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic



Panathinaikos continued its title-rich course in the next season too. This was Zeljko Obradovic’s first year at the helm of the “clover” and he led it to winning its second European championship and then yet another Greek championship. With a 21-5 run (1990-1681) Panathinaikos found itself tying with Olympiakos in first place of the regular season ranking. In the playoffs it faced Iraklis (88-61, 84-82), and AEK (79-69, 67-77, 88-60) and in the final it went up against PAOK (85-58, 69-62, 76-63), since the “double-headed eagle of the North” had eliminated the “reds”. Dejan Bodiroga and Zeljko Obradovic were vote Greek Championship MVP and Best Coach, respectively. Bodiroga ranked fourth in the championship top scorers’ list (452pts), second in the assists list (106) and the player- economy(77).

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Kalaitzis, Koch, Rogers, Fotsis, Gentile, Bodiroga, Boudouris, Rebraca, Burke, Katash, Karagoutis, Maglos, Glyniadakis. Coach: Zeljko Obradovic



It is by now one of the Panathinaikos’ fans favorite titles: the second consecutive championship for the “Greens” at the end of the ‘90s won over Olympiakos in the fifth game between them at the “Peace and Friendship” Stadium (SEF). Panathinaikos tied with Olympiakos at the top spot of the regular season ranking with a 21-5 run (1973-1751 for the “Greens”), but the team from Pireaus ranked first due to a better point-difference. This, of course, did not prevent Panathinaikos from turning the tables around big time. The final games series went got to 2-2, with the home advantage theoretically on the side of Olympiakos, but by the end of the last game the “Greens” were the ones celebrating in Faliro, with fans of both teams attending that fifth final game. Dejan Bodiroga and Dino Radja were named to the Greek Championship First Team, whereas Lefteris Subotic was voted again Coach of the Year. Dejan Bodiroga was also voted Greek Championship MVP. In individual players’ rankings, Bodiroga was second on the top scorer’s list (547pts ) and Radja second on the top rebounders’ list (286 rebounds).

In the playoffs round Panathinaikos faced Peristeri (78-68, 76-62), and PAOK (74-64, 89-75), and in the Finals it went up against Olympiakos (68-71, 72-56, 47-64, 66-56, 62-53).
The lineup of the championship team: Patavoukas, Alvertis, Boudouris, Ekonomou, Kalaitzis, Maglos, Gentile, Koch, Hupmann, Radja, Fotsis, Bodiroga, Burke, Glyniadakis. Coach: Lefteris Subotic



After a long “dry spell” as far as the Greek championship is concerned, and having in the meantime won the European championship (1996) Panathinaikos returned to the top of basketball within the Greek borders. The “Greens” ranked at the top during the regular season (21-5, 2004-1658), eliminated Iraklio (85-56, 63-73, 74-52) and AEK (67-57, 56-65, 51-47) during the first two playoff rounds to get all the way to the final. There, they faced PAOK and won the title by 68-58 in the final game held in the OAKA indoor arena (63-55, 58-73, 55-48, 57-64, 68-58). This was the 22nd championship under Panathinaikos’ belt and practically the first step of a steady course that led to the current empire and the success years. Dino Radja and Fragiskos Alvertis were named to the Greek Championships First Team, while Lefteris Subotic was named Coach of the Year.

The lineup of the championship team: Alvertis, Ekonomou, Christodoulou, Kalaitzis, Patavoukas, Radja, Scott, Patavoukas, Hupmann, Martínez, Koch, Vourtzoumis, Branch, Fotsis. Coach: L. Subotic



Having won its first European Championship that year, 1996 became a point of reference for Panathinaikos. This, however, was not the only title the “Greens” won that year, since by the end of it they were also celebrating winning the Greek Cup in the Patras Arena final. Panathinaikos reached the final by eliminating Ionikos, Peristeri, and Olympiakos, while they also beat AEK in the Greek Cup Final Four semifinal game. In the final, they defeated Iraklis (85-74); in addition, Dominique Wilkins won the Final Four MVP title, scoring 25 points and impressing everyone with his performance.


Round B’ – 1st competition game

23/9/1995 Ionikos SC-Panathinaikos 64-101

Round B’ – 2nd competition game

18/10/1995 Peristeri SC-Panathinaikos 64-75


21/2/1996 Panathinaikos-Olympiakos 85-72

Final Four (23-24/3, Patras)


23/3/1996 Panathinaikos-ΑΕΚ 87-78


24/3/1996 Panathinaikos-Iraklis SC 85-74

Referees: Symeonidis - Tsoulis

Panathinaikos (Maljkovic): Alvertis 5, Sokk 11(1), Kuusmaa 5(1), Ekonomou 23(3), Korfas, Giannakis 3, Vrankovic 13, Wilkins 25(1), Stavrakopoulos, Pecarski

Iraklis (Giatzoglou): Kakiousis 10, McDaniel 23(2), Aggelou, Asteriadis, Giannouzakos 14(2), Kountourakis, Moraitis, Kouvelas, Brougos 6, Tarpley 21


In 1996 Panathinaikos won a different Triple Crown consisting of the European Championship, the Greek Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. This was the first – but certainly not the last – time that the clover fans would feel proud of this team that would call them to celebrate for and with it not just once, but three times in the same year.

Winning the 1996 European Championship in the Palais de Bercy in Paris opened the door to the idea of a Intercontinental title. Five months after the Paris triumph the “Greens” faced the South American champions Olimpia Venado Tuerto from Argentina. In the first game Panathinaikos lost 89-83, but in the next two games hosted in Athens, the “Greens” got the wins they needed by beating their opponents 83-78 and 101-76, thus conquering the Intercontinental Cup. This is a title that only 13 teams have won throughout its history with Real Madrid topping the list with four trophies.



After a “dry-spell” era Panathinaikos returned to the titles via the Greek Cup right where it left off: at the “Peace and Friendship” Stadium where it defeated Aris (96-89), led by an amazing Arijan Komazec in the first half and an impressive Nikos Galis stealing the show with 30 and 36 points, respectively, and with Stojan Vrankovic dominating in the paint. Daphni, PAOK and Pagrati all fell “victims” to Panathinaikos on its way to the final.


Round B’ – 2nd competition date

3/3/1993 Panathinaikos-Daphni SC 103-70


12/3/1993 Panathinaikos-PAOK 68-57


10/4/1993 Panathinaikos-Pagrati SC 63-61


15/5/1993 Aris - Panathinaikos 89-96

Referees: Rallis – Tsanidis

Panathinaikos (Pavlisevic): Alvertis 6(1), Sokk 5(1), Galis 36, Ekonomou 6, Papapetrou 2, Vrankovic 7, Komazec 30(4), Georgikopoulos 2, Myriounis 2, Misunov
Aris (Sherf): Lipiridis 1, Giannakis 30(3), Subotic 3(1), Gasparis 2, Anderson 23(2), Pecarski 11, Theous 9, Vourtzoumis 5(1), Ioannou 5, Gekos



The first title that Panathinaikos celebrated in the “Peace and Friendship” Stadium was in 1986, when it prevailed over Olympiakos by 88-78 with Stergakos (25pts) and Andritsos (22pts) seeming unstoppable and Papapetrou, Ioannou, and Skropolithas following their lead. On the road to the competition final Panathinaikos had to eliminate Kadmos, AEK, Peristeri, and Aris.


Round B’

12/3/1986 Kadmos SC-Panathinaikos 67-95

Round C’

19/3/1986 Panathinaikos-ΑΕΚ 99-81


26/3/1986 Panathinaikos-Peristeri SC 102-72


2/4/1986 Panathinaikos-Aris SC 87-84


23/4/1986 Panathinaikos-Olympiakos 88-78

Referees: Rigas-Stavrou

Panathinaikos (Kyritsis): Ioannou 13(1), Vidas 1, Andritsos 22, Papapetrou 16, Stergakos 25, Skropolithas 11(1), Petroudakis, Konstantos, Fragiskatos

Olympiakos (Anastasatos): Sampanis 7(1), Paragios 8, Maniatis 11, Kozakis 6, Kambouris 12, Al. Christodoulou 17(2), Panagiotopoulos 13, Koukis 2, Nalbantis 2, Dakoulas



In 1983 Panathinaikos ended up in third spot of the Greek championship, but returned to the top a year later. With a 24-2 run (2298-1823) it tied with Aris and the “tie-breaker” playoff game took place in Corfu. The “Greens” clinched the title after winning by 80-76, and again featured a top scorer in the competition top scorers’ board, with Takis Koroneos ranking fourth with 607 points.

The lineup of the championship team: Koroneos, Vidas, Ioannou, Stergakos, Kokolakis, Andritsos, Kappos, Skropolithas, Sotiriou, Tolias, Politis, Tsantilis, Kalogeropoulos. Coach: MichalisKyritsis



Panathinaikos was the Greek Cup winner for the second consecutive year in 1983, when it defeated Olympiakos by 72-62 in the Glyfada indoor arena. Stergakos, Andritsos, Kokolakis, and top scorer Koroneos were the four aces that led the “Greens” to new celebrations after having already eliminated Proteas, Iraklis, Peristeri and Aris in earlier stages of the competition.


Round C’ – South Group

9/3/1983 Proteas SC-Panathinaikos 64-104

Round D’

16/3/1983 Panathinaikos-Iraklis SC 95-80

Round E’

30/3/1983 Peristeri SC-Panathinaikos 64-68


6/4/1983 Aris SC-Panathinaikos 60-74


20/4/1983 Panathinaikos-Olympiakos 72-62

Referees: Rigas-Koumbouris

Panathinaikos (Kefalos): Koroneos 19, Stergakos 13, Andritsos 12, Kokolakis 11, Kappos 9, Ioannou 8, Kalogeropoulos, Karanasos, Lykoudis

Olympiakos (Barlas): Giatzoglou 14, Paragios 10, Kastrinakis 9, Skropolithas 8, Kassimis 6, Raftopoulos 6, Kokorogiannis 5, Kozakis 4, Kambouris, Sampanis



In 1982, Panathinaikos won its third consecutive championship. With four losses in 26 games (22-4, 2259-1856) it found itself again in the familiar top spot of the championship ranking, with three teams from Thessaloniki trailing behind (Aris, PAOK, Iraklis).

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Koroneos, Stergakos, Vidas, Kokolakis, Ioannou, Batis, Papantoniou, Katsinis, Georganas, Venieris, Garos, Kalogeropoulos, Karanasos. Coach: Kostas Politis


In 1982 Panathinaikos won the title down the finish line as it prevailed by 65 – 63 over PAOK in the final and David Stergakos starred by scoring 21 points. The first step in the competition was made after Panathinaikos defeated AGEH, then followed Pierikos, Aris and AEK before downing PAOK and celebrating in the “Alexandreio Melathron” arena.


Round C’

14/4/1982 AGE Halkida – Panathinaikos 55-85

Round D’

9/5/1982 Panathinaikos-SFK Pierikos 97-74



5/6/1982 Panathinaikos-Aris 85-73


18/6/1982 Panathinaikos-ΑΕΚ 109-80



30/6/1982 PAOK-Panathinaikos 63-65

Referees: Alifragis- Lortos

Panathinaikos (Politis): Stergakos 21, Kokolakis 13, Vidas 12, Koroneos 10, Kontos 7, Ioannou 2, Papantoniou, Batis, Georganas, Katsinis

PAOK (Rodopoulos): Alexandris 22, Fasoulas 11, Konstantinidis 10, Gaitanis 9, M. Katsoulis 6, Kalpakis 5, Koumatsiotis, Bourlidas, Ζ.Katsoulis, Gaitanis



Panathinaikos’ already rich trophy-case featured one more title: with 23 victories and 3 losses (2501-2035) Panathinaikos became the Greek Champion for a second consecutive year.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Koroneos, Stergakos, Vidas, Kokolakis, Ioannou, Batis, Papantoniou, Papazoglou, Garos, Georganas, Kalogeropoulos. Coach: Kostas Politis



A different championship took place in the 1979-80 season, unique in the history of the competition. The teams were divided into two groups, the North Group and the South Group, and the teams in the first three spots of each Group’s ranking would vie for the championship. Panathinaikos ranked undefeated at the top of the South Group (16-0, 1572-1250) and found itself at the top at the end of the championship competition with a 12-2 run (1342-1135). The top scorers’ board featured Apostolos Kontos’ name in fifth place (634pts). The team roster had been enriched with players such as David Stergakos and Kyriakos Vidas.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Koroneos, Vidas, Stergakos, Kokolakis, Ioannou, Batis, Papazoglou, Papantoniou, Garos, Georganas, Kalogeropoulos. Coach: Kostas Politis



The Greek Cup was first established in 1976. Panathinaikos reached the cup final in1979, winning its first title in the competition. Olympias Patras, Triton, Panellinios, and Iraklis were the teams it defeated in order to reach the final, in the Panathinaic Stadium where it won over Olympiakos by 79-72, with the entire first team reaching a double-digit point score.


Round C’

10/4/1979 Panathinaikos – Olympias Patras 100-68

Round D’

29/4/1979 Triton - Panathinaikos 91-112



10/5/1979 Panathinaikos - Panellinios 91-77


29/5/1979 Iraklis - Panathinaikos 79-95



2/6/1979 “Panathinaiko Stadium” Olympiakos – Panathinaikos 72-79

Referees: Alifragis – Rigas

Panathinaikos (Politis): Kondos 21, Papantoniou 16, Kokolakis 15, Koroneos 12, Stergakos 11, Batis 4, Papazoglou, Garos, Sigas, Ioannou

Olympiakos (Mourouzis): Giatzoglou 28, Diakoulas 15, Kastrinakis 13, Melini 8, Raftopoulos 6, Sismanidis, Kokorogiannis, Barlas, Spanos, Sampanis



After a brief “break” in 1976, Panathinaikos came back stronger in the championship to win one more title with just one loss (21-1, 1933-1640). That single loss came when the “Greens” were defeated by Aris by a single point (66-67). Kontos found himself once again a spot in the top scorers’ board, ranking fourth with 507 points.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Kefalos, Koroneos, Kokolakis, Papazoglou, Papantoniou, Batis, Ioannou, Iordanidis, Haikalis, St. Kontos, Kakogeorgiou, Kabourakis, Petrakakis. Coach: K. Anastasatos



Panathinaikos verified its absolute dominance in Greek basketball by winning its fifth consecutive title. Despite the change in the technical leadership, what followed was well-known from previous years: it conquered yet another Greek championship with 20 victories and 2 losses (1627-1384), featuring once again one of its own players in the top scorers’ board since Apostolos Kontos ranked 2nd with 478pts.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Kefalos, Kokolakis, Koroneos, Papazoglou, Papantoniou, Iordanidis, Sigas, Dimaras, Housseas, Pavlidis, Bogdanos, St. Kontos, Batis, Kabourakis, Σπηλιόπουλος. Coach: R. Dukeshire



Panathinaikos continued its dominance in the next season that ended up the usual way. The “clover” experienced just 3 losses (19-3, 1697-1439) and in the end won the championship title, with AEK trailing behind in second place. Apostolos Kontos saw his name in the top scorers’ board once again, by ranking 2nd with 496 points.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Kefalos, Iordanidis, Koroneos, Sigas, Dimaras, Housseas, Papazoglou, Papantoniou, Kokolakis, Pavlidis, Bogdanos, St. Kontos, Koumanakos. Coach: Kostas Mourouzis



Changes in the roster were not enough to deprive Panathinaikos of the championship title for the third consecutive year. Without Kolokythas, Peppas, Panagiotarakos, and Haikalis, but having added Kokolakis and Papantoniou to the roster, Panathinaikos reached the top with a record 24-2 run (2177-1836) to win the title. Apostolos Kontos was fourth on the top scorers’ board of the championship with 532 points, followed by Christos Iordanidis with 515.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Iordanidis, Kefalos, Braoudakis, Sigas, Papazoglou, Papantoniou, Kokolakis, Broustas, Dimaras, Housseas, Anagnos, Mikelis, Koroneos, Pavlidis, Bogdanos. Coach: Kostas Mourouzis



Panathinaikos clinched the Greek Champion title for the second consecutive year. The key to this new title were the games against Olympiakos with which it had tied in first place by 22-4 (2117-1707). The “Greens” dominated by 68-60 in the home game, were defeated by 71-65 in the away game and were able to celebrate yet another title leaving the “reds” in second spot of the ranking board.

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Kolokythas, Kefalos, Haikalis, Iordanidis, Panagiotarakos, Peppas, Dimaras, Anagnos, Papazoglou, Zografos, Koroneos, Παρασκευάς. Coach: Kostas Mourouzis



Winning the 1971 championship was a walk in the park for Panathinaikos. No playoff matches were necessary since the “Greens” won the title with 23 wins and 3 losses (2200-1798).

The lineup of the championship team: Kontos, Haikalis, Panagiotarakos, Peppas, Kefalos, Iordanidis, Papazoglou, Kolokythas, Drazinos, Dekakis, Dimaras, Papaioannou, Anagnos, Zografos, Zegleris, Koroneos.

Coach: Kostas Mourouzis



In 1969 Panathinaikos won the championship title down the finish line. The title was settled in a playoff game against AEK; the “Greens” prevailed by 85-80, having gotten there with 20 victories and 2 losses (1749-1508). Kolokythas ranked fourth in the championship top scorer board having bagged 575 points.

The lineup of the championship team: Kolokythas, Peppas, Panagiotarakos, Politis, Haikalis, Kyritsis, Iordanidis, Moschous, Kouzoupis, Lekakis, Koroneos, Hatzigeorgiou. Coach: Kostas Mourouzis



Panathinaikos attempted to renew the team in 1966, but this effort brought fruits only a year later as far as titles were concerned. Giorgos Kolokythas had already claimed the Greek championship top scorer title in the 1965-66 season and repeated it for the second consecutive year (705pts.), leading Panathinaikos in offense to conquer the championship with only one loss to Pagrati (21-1, 1830-1524). Kostas Mourouzis was at the helm of the technical team.

The lineup of the championship team: Kolokythas, Panagiotarakos, Politis, Peppas, Kyritsis, Vassilakopoulos, Haikalis, Kouzoupis, Liamis, Lekakis, Stefanou.



In 1962 Panathinaikos made a repeat performance of what happened in 1961. The Greens lost the local title (16-6), but took its revenge big time in the Greek Championship. This time four teams tied at the top: Panathinaikos (6-3, 607-554), Iraklis, Triton, and Anatolia; but this time the playoffs took place in Thessaloniki, a fact that did not affect the “Greens” at all. They lost to Anatolia (66-68), defeated Iraklis (71-67) and Triton (79-70) and thus won the title.

The lineup of the championship team: Liamis, Tavoularis, Vassilakopoulos, Katsikidis, Panagiotarakos, Zanos, Makridis, Antoniadis, Mandilaris, Panagiotidis, Papadimitriou, Koukopoulos



In 1961 the team returned to the titles. In the local championship Panathinaikos ranked second (with AEK celebrating the title and the “Greens” counting with 15 wins and 3 losses), but won the Greek Championship title with a 6-1 run (447-388). There was stiff competition with three teams tying at the top: Panathinaikos, Sporting and Iraklis. The playoff games to determine the champion were set to take place in Athens. Iraklis refused to compete. On September 11, Panathinaikos defeated Sporting in the Panellinios home arena by 57-52 (29-20 during halftime) and won the title.

The lineup of the championship team: P. Koukopoulos, Makridis, G. Liamis, P. Panagiotarakos, G. Zannos, Mandilaris, K. Politis, Koutsoukos, T. Papakonstantopoulos, Nakios, Katsikidis, Sitzakis, Dedes.



After two years without a title (in 1952 there were no competitions held, and in 1953 it ranked second to Panellinios) Panathinaikos made its comeback and won undefeated again the Greek championship (7-0, 484-332). New and older players made up a strong team that prevailed twice over Panellinios (70-58, 75-53) on the road to the top.

The lineup of the championship team: F. Mattheou, Ν. Milas, Al. Karalis, St. Arvanitis, P. Koukopoulos, St. Tavoularis, Giaximis, Oven, Varias, Konidis, Giannopoulos, Stamatiou, Malakates, Kyranis.



The Athens championship was lost to Panathinaikos after being disqualified in the game versus Olympiakos at Passalimani and defeated in the game versus Panellinios (33-34). It did not, however, let the Greek championship slip through its fingers. It got its revenge from Panellinios for beating them in the local championship; Panathinaikos won the game between them by 49-42 and conquered the title undefeated (6-0, 295-188).

The lineup of the championship team: Ι. Lamprou, Ν. Milas, Al. Karalis, F. Mattheou, St. Arvanitis, Al. Kalligeris, Oven, Papatheoharis, Theofanis, Trypos, P. Vithypoulias, Konidis, Philippou, Giaximis, Gennimatas, Galeos.



Panathinaikos, having become a stronger team with Phedon Mattheou in its roster, won the Athens championship with a key-victory over Panellinios (45-34) and then went on to conquer the Greek championship undefeated (7-0, 250-147).

The lineup of the championship team: Ι. Lamprou, F. Mattheou, P. Dimitropoulos, St. Arvanitis, Ν. Milas, Al. Karalis, Mich. Pantazopoulos, P. Vithypoulias, Th. Koukopoulos, Al. Kalligeris, Theofanis, Papatheoharis, Giaximis, Gennimatas.



In 1947, Panathinaikos recorded the first “double” of that era. The “clover” won the local Athens – Piraeus championship with seven wins and just one loss to the Thessaloniki YMCA and totaled 264-211 points. To win the Greek championship title it took Panathinaikos a tie-break game against Sporting BC, with which they were tied to the top of the ranking. In Triton’s home arena, where 1820 tickets were sold but the attendance rose to 3000, Panathinaikos won the game by 37-30 (17-22 during half-time).

The lineup in that final was: G. Nikolaidis 2, Lamprou 13, Dimitrakopoulos 2, Τ. Nikolaidis 11, Pantazopoulos 4, Arvanitis 4.



In the first local Athens – Piraeus championship after the mandatory break due to the war and German occupation, Panathinaikos had three wins in three games and won its first title. Being comfortable in its skin as the local champion, Panathinaikos went on to win the first post-war Greek championship, again undefeated, with a total of three victories and a 123-89 points-total.

The lineup of the championship team: Ι. Lamprou, Μ. Pantazopoulos, Τ. Nikolaidis, G. Nikolaidis, Th. Karadimos, St. Arvanitis



In the first Greek championship Panathinaikos won its first title. 

The lineup of the championship team: Kalafatis, Nikolaidis, Panourgias, Stavropoulos, Kalogeropoulos