OAKA Stadium


Panathinaikos’ history is rich with titles, accolades, important moments and great victories…. It is full of important personalities; people who have helped make this history even richer and fill the roof of the OAKA indoors arena with even more banners. Many star players have put on the team jersey and have made a contribution of their own in making Panathinaikos one of the best teams in the history of European basketball and certainly the best in the last decade. From the Panathinaic Stadium, to the “Hindu Tomb”, to Glyfada, to Sporting, to the OAKA and some of the greatest arenas in the continent paraded some of the greatest players and greatest individuals in this sport. It is a herculean task to try and make an all-inclusive list…. “Clover” fans have had the great fortune of watching many big stars put on the jersey of their favorite team. We are just starting with some of them and gradually we will see more names of the people who have helped us be proud of this team being added…. “My Team, My Pride”.

My Team, My Pride


1966 - 1973
Giorgos Kolokithas is one of the best players that have ever worn Panathinaikos’ jersey, or more accurately put, one of the best basketball players of all times. Born on November 2nd 1945, his talent was much more than obvious. He played for Sporting, where he stayed until 1966. His transfer to Panathinaikos caused a lot of discussions for quite some time. Being a clover player until 1973 went hand-in-hand with exceptional performances until his last day with the team, when he decided to put an early stop to his basketball career. He loved and continues to love basketball as much as life itself. 


1992 - 1996
He is one of the most beloved players to wear the Panathinaikos’ jersey. Stojan Vrankovic first got acquainted with the clover fans as….an opponent, whether at club level playing for Aris, or at National Teams level, playing for the Yugoslavia National Team and then the Croatia National Team. Panathinaikos and the Greek National Team kept finding him on the other side of the fence, but it was not long before he put on the green jersey for the first time and stopped being Stojan Vrankovic by becoming the ‘Stojko’ that everyone loved, not just up in the fans’ stands, but also inside the team..


1998 - 2002
To Serbs he is “god” and they make sure that people all over the world know learn about it through their mottos. To Catalans he is the man who led them to the top of Europe. To Panathinaikos’ fans he is their beloved Dejan, the one they will remember kissing the clover on the Panathinaikos’ jersey in the 1999 final in SEF (Greek acronym for the Peace and Friendship Stadium, by which that arena is known in Greece) and returning to the Sporting indoors arena as a player who typically left the team but never left their hearts. Dejan Bodiroga made sure to leave his mark in every team he played for.