Antonio Davis


1990 - 1992

The University of Texas as El Paso (UTEP) graduate was given through Panathinaikos the opportunity to let his talent unfold and have a glorious career in the NBA. In 1990 he was drafted at No 45 by the Indiana Pacers in the second round, but chose to take his first professional basketball steps in Europe, namely with Panathinaikos.

Antonio Lee Davis was born on October 31st, 1968 and in 1990 he decided to “relocate” to Europe and Panathinaikos. While playing with the “Greens”, Davis was by far and large the best player of the team, giving all basketball fans in the country performances that were a sight for sore eyes. In fact, in his second season with Panathinaikos, he was named top rebounder in the Greek championship, averaging 14.6 rebounds per game. Nevertheless, numbers definitely do injustice to him. What he did on the court turned those who had the chance to see him compete into a lucky elite. A strong player, with great basketball knowledge, he was very athletic and a team-player. He was a player cast in an NBA mold that almost unconsciously turned your gaze upon the roof of the arena when jumping for a slam-dunk or even to get a rebound. At the same time, he was also a personality that stood out for his character, never having caused the slightest trouble and everyone having only good things to say about him. His European adventure did not end in Greece since he went on to play for Philips Milano. 

After Italy came the NBA. His course there was impressive and that can easily be corroborated by a mere glance at the teams he played for in the next 13 years. Indiana Pacers (1993-199), Toronto Raptors (1993-2003, 2006), Chicago Bulls (2003-2005), and New York Knicks (2005-2006). At the 2005-06 season, Antonio Davis was elected President of the NBA Players’ Association.