Pitino: “You don’t win championships on offensive finesse."”

The head coach of Panathinaikos OPAP, Rick Pitino stated after the end of the game against Valencia Basket:

"It’s been our Achiles heel the whole season – we are giving up the three and most of this is because of our ball containment. We let the other team what we call paint touch, then we have to rotate and we give up threes, so it’s been a weakness the whole season. A big point of emphasis tonight was not to let them do that but they made 14 threes. So when they shoot 52% from two point and 48% from three, you’re not going to win many games. We’re just not a good defensive night. We’re working on trying to get better. We play hard but we don’t play well on defense because the team was built on offensive finesse. And you don’t win championships on offensive finesse."