All Euroleague 2nd team, features Stephane Lasme

Stephane Lasme is, for yet another season, among the best in Euroleague. Lasme is one of the five members of the All Euroleague second team 2013-14.

"I am grateful for this honor and I wish to thank all those who voted for me and believe in me", stated Lasme, only to add: "I also wish to thank my team that put me in this position. Our goal now is about the team. We'll come back better and stronger for next season in order to do what's best for Panathinaikos".

Lasme finished the Euroleague season behind 250 points (8.9pg) with 51.8% (85/164) in 2point shots, 82.5% (80/97) from the line, 133 rebounds (4.8pg), 17 assists, 21 steals, 28 block shots. He finished eighth in the competition in offensive rebounds and 4th in block shots.