Lasme: “Panathinaikos, a terrific opportunity”

Stephane Lasme arrived in Athens today around noon. Alongside his entire family, as the 14 hour in total trip was committed also by his wife and daughter.

Lasme stressed upon his arrival at the “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport: “I am happy to be a Panathinaikos player. I know that the decision had a delay, that a lot was heard all summer long. A terrific career opportunity was presented to me and I am coming to a genuinely great team. Who would not want to compete for Panathinaikos? I would not like to talk of great goals and make all the usual comments. The first thing I would like to do is to meet my new teammates, my coaches. We hope for as many wins as possible for Panathinaikos and in order to achieve it, to achieve the goal that the team has set, we must proceed step by step. I am certainly a bit worried about the fact of me being the last player to come to the team, but I have been playing basketball my whole life; since I was 12. This is what I have been called upon to do now and this is exactly what I am going to do. The rules have not changed, basketball is the same and what I want is to start training with my teammates. I have been informed of the postponement of the Greek League… I want to play basketball and I believe that the same thing goes for all of us players. Maybe it is a bit better for me personally because I will get time to get some practice with the team, but we are all here to play basketball. For the time being what is of dire importance is for all of us to get together at the court, for me to meet my teammates and for us all to proceed together from now on”.