Unique atmosphere in OAKA

Panathinaikos B.S.A, invites their fans to fill the stadium on Friday (13/2 at 9.45m.m) against Red Star and strengthen the efforts of the players in order to achieve another win and approach to the next stage.

We are sure that our fans will be at the side of the players and create a unique atmosphere in the Olympic Stadium, but always in a sports context, fully

respecting our history.

Many times in the past our fans won praise in response to dynamic presence and behavior. The manner in which standing on the side of the team is unique, as is the atmosphere they create.

We are confident that on Friday night we will live something similar ... We fully trust our friends and we know better than anyone love Panathinaikos.

We also have unlimited confidence in the Greek Police which is responsible for the safe conduct of the match. In this context also not allowed to give tickets to fans of Red Star. The Greek police will carry out its duties in an optimal manner and are confident about it.

Friends of Panathinaikos

Our team is unique in heart and soul. Together we have won many titles ... Together we can conquer even more but much more must reassert our pride that we are members of the great family of Panathinaikos.

We expect the Stadium to live a more beautiful and basketball night with Panathinaikos.