Panathinaikos BC on the side of Special Olympics Hellas

Panathinaikos BC confirms its long-term support for people with mental disabilities by continuing its cooperation with the Special Olympics Hellas team within the Euroleague's "One Team" Corporate Social Responsibility program, in which we participate for the 9th consecutive year.

The One Team Ambassadors of Panathinaikos BC, Derrick Williams and Paris Lee, with the active participation of all the athletes of the green team, have undertaken to pass on the secrets of basketball and the values ​​of sports to the Special Olympics Hellas team.

Derrick Williams and Paris Lee participated in the second of the training sessions held at the OAKA facilities every week, who had the opportunity to play with the athletes of the Special Olympics Hellas Basketball team, to talk and take pictures with them.

The young athletes were especially happy to see their idols participating in their training and enjoyed every moment. The green basketball players spoke to them about the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork as well as their personal and professional goals.

The common goal of the partnership of the two Agencies is to prove in practice, once again, that sport is a unique means of forming standards, characters, values, ​​and strong foundations for social acceptance of our fellow human beings with mental disabilities, who, through the Special Olympics Hellas, enjoy special moments of pride, not only with distinctions, but also with will and dynamism that transcend social stereotypes.

It is certain that this great synergy of Panathinaikos BC and Special Olympics Hellas, through the "One Team" program, will fully meet this goal and will teach society a lot about coexistence and acceptance of diversity.

A few words about Special Olympics Hellas:

Special Olympics Hellas belongs to the Special Olympics World Movement, which for more than half a century has extended to 192 countries around the world, having as its central goal the integration of people with mental disabilities through sports. For our part, we seamlessly continue the fight we have started 33 years ago to defend the rights of people with intellectual disabilities in sports, implementing numerous innovative sports, educational and cultural programs, which embrace Special Olympics athletes and their families and proving that nothing is impossible when there is will and strength of soul.

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