Collection of humanitarian material at OAKA for the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Panathinaikos BC actively participates in the effort of the Hellenic Red Cross to collect humanitarian material for the earthquake victims of Turkey and Syria.

The H.R.C., in cooperation with the Turkish and Syrian Red Crescent, gathers long-lasting food (evaporated milk, milk powder for children, canned goods of all types, cereals, nuts, flour, pasta, etc.), as well as sleeping bags, blankets (not used) and personal hygiene items, in order to send them immediately to those affected by the devastating earthquake.

Panathinaikos BC stands by the Hellenic Red Cross and thus, in the context of the home games against Valencia Basket (10/2) and Promethea Patras (13/2), there will be a specific collection point at Gate 3 of the OAKA indoor hall, where long-term food will be gathered, sleeping bags, blankets and personal hygiene items for our fellow human beings in Turkey and Syria who were affected by the devastating earthquake.

The president of Panathinaikos BC, Vassilis Parthenopoulos, stated: "The whole planet is watching the tragedy that our fellow human beings in Turkey and Syria are experiencing after the deadly earthquake of February 6. We express our pain, our support and our solidarity to the affected people. We must all stand by their side."