Panathinaikos BC, PAO BC Academy and Special Olympics Hellas are ONE TEAM.

The first inclusive training session of our Academy’s athletes and S.O.H athletes, participants of Euroleague’s ONE TEAM program, took place at the OAKA training facilities, with the aim of promoting social inclusion and a world where everyone is equal.

As part of the social responsibility program of Panathinaikos BC and aiming to promote the concept of equality and uniqueness in society, in collaboration with S.O.H, the participants of the ONE TEAM program and the U18 athletes of PAO BC Academy, participated in an inclusive training session at the OAKA training facilities.

The 2022-2023 ONE TEAM program ambassadors, Paris Lee and Derrick Williams, as well as our players, Lefteris Bochoridis and Lefteris Mantzoukas, actively participated in this activation.

Both S.O.H athletes and PAO BC Academy athletes were thrilled as they had the opportunity to train, play and chat with their favorite basketball players, as well as to develop friendly relations between them.

The President of S.O.H, Mr. Dionisis Kodellas, and the President of Panathinaikos BC, Mr. Vassilis Parthenopoulos, both attended the session.

The Director of the educational program "We play together. We learn together", Ms. Natalia Andrianopoulou was there with them, while Mr. Giorgos Kalaitzis also attended, representing PAO BC Academy.

The President of S.O.H, Mr. Dionisis Kodellas stated: For one more year, we are in the warm embrace of Panathinaikos BC within the ONE TEAM of the Euroleague where again our children, our athletes, have come to train together with the athletes of Panathinaikos BC. I talked about the warm hug. It's not just that. Panathinaikos BC has not only opened its arms to the Special Olympics, it has also opened its heart. We feel this every moment, we have an excellent collaboration. I want to thank the President who has personally given a great push to this relationship, to the Panathinaikos BC-Special Olympics bilateral relationship, which has only good results.

The president of Panathinaikos BC, Mr. Vassilis Parthenopoulos, emphasized: Panathinaikos BC, the greatest Greek team based on distinctions over time, is an important social phenomenon with millions of supporters. With as much strength as this support gives us, we want to condemn any form of exclusion of people with any form of disability and send a clear message of their acceptance and inclusion at all levels of social life. We also participate in the continuous process of inclusion with our goal being to definitively eliminate the phenomena of discrimination against people with special needs.

Our club’s ONE TEAM ambassador, Paris Lee said: Myself and Derrick Williams are happy to be a part of this action. As Euroleague’s ambassadors for the ONE TEAM program, it's very important for us to see the kids happy and smiling, interacting and doing everything with them.

ONE TEAM ambassador, Derrick Williams, noted: Today we have special guests with our Academy in relation with the ONE TEAM program. You know, it's great to see all the kids smiling, enjoying lots of activities. The main thing is to keep them smiling, make sure the kids are having fun and that's why me and Paris are here, to bring that excitement and hopefully everything will be fine.