Dimitris Giannakopoulos' Statement

“The contract for the concession of OAKA was signed. It's a fact now. There are things said, but not done, and things that are done, but not said, Konstantinos Karamanlis once said. However, there are some things that are both said and done. You just need will and passion. And above all, never accept defeat. The goal of Panathinaikos, the best team in the history of Greek sports, having its own home was a personal bet. It was one of the things I had committed myself to from the first moment and there was no way it wouldn’t happen. Not only for the greatness and history of the Club, but for justice. And whoever has the warriors called “right” and “truth” by his side, never loses.

Panathinaikos now has its own home. OAKA. "PAVLOS GIANNAKOPOULOS". Here where History was written. Here where History is written and will be written. In gold letters. As this team knows.

It would be ideal for the whole Association to be co-located in Votanikos, but even so, seeing that this plan is progressing, I feel satisfied having helped towards this direction, as President of the club.

Panathinaikos now has its own home. And that means a lot. Both in terms of prospects, but also for the value of the Basketball Club. An already great Brand Name now becomes not just attractive, but the most attractive one in Europe. Now, I want to thank the Government and especially the Prime Minister for the happy ending of this case. Because in Greece many times even the self-evident requires years of effort in order to be implemented and the concession of OAKA should have taken place... a few governments ago.

The road, however, to turn positive prospects into reality was not easy. OAKA today is economically damaging, it carries contracts that are in force, as well as free concessions, such as hosting the HBF for example. To get to the level we want, it requires time and money. Many, and also large, investments are needed.

Panathinaikos now has its own home. Most importantly, that was achieved without taking a single step back in matters of principles and above all without “mortgaging our History”.

And from this home, his own home, he will launch the counter-attack, so that he can return to where he belongs competitively. At the top of Greece and Europe. Basketball is changing, Euroleague is changing... We paid our revolution, our fight for justice, very dearly in many levels. Both with money and wins we deserved but did not get. We relieved Jordi Bertomeu from his managerial duties... Some talked about vindication. It was not. It would be if we got back the wins that were denied from us, the qualifiers and possibly the trophies... And of course the money from the merciless hunt, because I was shouting about the truth. The fines imposed for the recent incidents at the Real-Partizan game - and more - now prove the empathy and the real goals of the Bertomeu regime towards me: I had to keep quiet or be exterminated. Neither happened.

With the new administration I feel there is a willingness to do justice. Together with coach Ataman, the most successful coach in Europe in recent years, I am sure that Panathinaikos will get what they took from us, in double and more. We will defeat anyone who gets in our way in Greece and Europe. And we will send home anyone who thinks of damaging us...

Let everyone hear this. Enemies and friends. In Greece and Europe. That's enough.

Panathinaikos now has its own home...

Furthermore, there is no “ceiling” in our dreams. It will show soon. Enemies and friends...

I hope that OAKA will have the respect of all of us. The fans of Panathinaikos will treat it as their own home. It's our home now. The home of Panathinaikos.

In the following time period, we will be able to present the company that will undertake the configuration and management of the stadium, the detailed plan for the future of OAKA, as well as the stages of its renovation in images."