Pedoulakis: "The greatest athlete in the club's history" (vid)

The coach of Panathinaikos Superfoods Argiris Pedoulakis spoke to about the biggest ever friendly tournament in Europe, “Diamonds Are Forever” and, of course, about Dimitris Diamantidis.

"It is a special moment for the entire club––not only the basketball team. We are going to farewell the greatest athlete in the club's history. He is the greatest not only for his achievements in the sport, but also for his attitude in general and his devotion to the team. He chose to be loyal to the team in difficult moments, although he could sign elsewhere with more money. I think we all must be there to say farewell to a great athlete and special man who helped both the Greek basketball and our club. Hopefully, after a period of rest for his body and his mind, he will serve the club from a post of his choice. There is no other option!", said and continued:

"These will be training games. We, the coaches, will have the opporunity to see some things, but all the lights will be on Dimitris. He will be the focus of attention and nothing can change that. The fans will come to the venue to honour Dimitris, to offer their applause, and they will leave with some wonderful moments to remember of him."